Minnesota Grazing Exchange Terms and Conditions

The Minnesota Grazing Exchange is not responsible for the content of this website. Minnesota Grazing Exchange offers this web site as a way for livestock producers and land managers to connect with one another to create mutually beneficial relationships, manage resources, and improve soil health. Use at your own risk. The information on this website is generated by the users of the service; Minnesota Grazing Exchange is not liable or responsible for misrepresentations of current available grazing sites or livestock herds. Availability of fields or livestock may change at any time without notice. Any agreements made for grazing services or pasture rent are the sole responsibility of the parties involved.

Pesticide Warning

Please be aware that forages from fields and pastures treated with certain restricted-use pesticides can make livestock sick or inhibit the sale or marketing of their products. Examine labels for all pesticides used within the last 48 months for any restrictions.